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Out Now video

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Thank you!

Thank you voters and supporters. Congratulations Keith, Tammy and Alan. I was proud to have been part of this year's political quartet - we all brought unique voices to the mix.

Now that the race is over I'm looking forward to three things, all of which involve raising a little hell. A road trip across South Dakota for T-Day with my family, some political history writing, and some time editing as I continue a video documentary about the anti-war movement in what now has become the 110 United States Congress. OUT NOW NANCY!

Road trip to Washington, D.C. in February, anyone, to visit Congressman Keith? Perhaps we can get House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to support an amendment to abolish third parties. OUT NOW NANCY!

Thank you all for the great support given the Pond for Congress campaign. Your time, energy, talents, and financial contributions have been invaluable. Although our numbers tanked, our platform breezed through!

Greens, we made a meaningful impact.

Our key platform issues during this campaign, as when I ran for this seat two years ago, were out of Iraq now, single payer universal health care, and a real commitment to renewable energy. These issues were picked up by the major parties and defined the race. The Green Party and my campaign can take pride in the fact that our issues were the focal point of this season's campaigns. Mr. Ellison goes to Congress with the whole-hearted support of the Green Party. We along with the majority of his constituents will hold his feet to the fire to insure that these issues are not swept under the rug during the 110th Congress.

The biggest obstacle we faced this year was the loss of major party status. Because of this I was excluded from about half of the numerous debates for 5th district candidates. Additionally, the media did not mention my candidacy in the majority of stories about the race. The organizations excluding me were various, ranging from the League of Women Voters to KFAI to the Minnesota Daily. Some media outlets, such as the Star Tribune, seemed capricious, including me only some of the time. This widespread exclusion was extremely difficult to overcome, resulting in a smaller showing than we would have liked. We need to continue to pressure the media, groups that organize debates and organizations that endorse candidates to give all candidates equal access. This is what democracy is.

Best and thanks,

Jay Pond


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